Reverse image search + some extra image services

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Reverse image search + some extra image services

Post by strel » Fri Nov 23, 2012 4:38 am

Actions for services to get similar images and pages publishing them.
To get to the standalone loaded image from its URL in the address bar to be able to search it through a Flagfox action, you'll often need to use View Image browser context menu feature, or even more insight methods (like removing CSS elements to get to the real image and call the real URL) if the image is displayed through an embedded script, like a gallery script or so.
(2016-04-29 update)

- ImgOps: Image URL swiss knife to select amongst several online services conveniently categorized{fullURL}

- Baidu Images: 2 different flavours, check them out.{fullURL}{fullURL}

- Bing Images{fullURL}

- Google Images (you can add a ...&hl=XX parameter being XX the google language code you prefer for the results webpage interface.{fullURL}

- TinEye (first reverse image engine publicly appeared):{fullURL}

- Яндекс.by картинки{fullURL}
- Images{fullURL}
- Яндекс.kz картинки{fullURL}
- Яндекс.ru картинки{fullURL}
- Görsel{fullURL}
- Яндекс.ua Зображення{fullURL}

Worths to mention another interesting service from Wolfram to identify what exactly is in the image, not for image URLs though:



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