Reporting a broken or problematic default action

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Reporting a broken or problematic default action

Post by DaveG » Wed Sep 29, 2010 10:00 pm

If any default action shipped with the current version of Flagfox breaks or starts doing something bad, I want to hear about it. If a service shuts down or changes past the point where it is considered acceptable I'll remove it from the defaults and try to find a suitable replacement where possible. Updates to the default actions list will be applied with the next Flagfox update to include the change.

Criteria for possible removal of default actions:
  • permanent shut down
  • redirection to a service other than the one originally listed
  • unreliable for an extended period of time
  • any form of phishing or malware or anything malicious
  • particularly invasive ads, though use of Adblock Plus is recommended
  • broken when using Adblock Plus and standard filters (not using a custom filter or special filter list)
  • requested information is hard to find on the page
  • requiring registration to get any useful information
If any service makes changes to the effect of any of the above, please report it in the Feedback / Bug Reports forum and describe the change, why you believe it's a problem, and we'll discuss removing it.

Note that actions shown in the menu by default are expected to meet a higher standard than those additional ones you can add to the menu via the options dialog. (or, ctrl+right-click the icon to get a full menu with them all) If any top-tier actions go bad, I will be far more willing to consider removal or at least demotion out of the menu by default.

If any actions posted to this forum have problems, but they are not default actions shipped with a current version of Flagfox, please just post a reply to the thread with the action and comment about it there.