Forum rules (Read before posting here)

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Forum rules (Read before posting here)

Post by DaveG » Fri Feb 19, 2010 12:23 am

This forum is open to anyone would would like to share their own custom actions. If you think someone else will find it useful, please do share. If you're just looking, maybe you'll find something else here that will be useful to you.

If you're in need of a little help making your own custom actions read this. If you think it'll be easier to learn if you see what the defaults look like, read here.

In addition to the standby rules of being nice and the like, I ask that actions posted to this forum meet some certain basic standards.

Please don't post anything here that falls under any of these categories:
  • Spam sites or any other site that is primarily for evil purposes
  • Any lookups that have a tendency to give bad information on occasion or are otherwise unreliable
  • Sites that are not reasonably usable without ad-blocking
  • Sites of a less-than family-friendly nature (though, I don't know how any would be remotely applicable here)
While this forum is generally in English, posts in other languages are more than welcome. If you also speak English to some degree, I'd ask that you please list an English translation in your post for the benefit of other locales.

Also, please make sure to check "Do not automatically parse URLs" when posting URL templates to avoid their likely-to-be-messed-up linkification.