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Version 6 changelog

Post by DaveG » Sun Dec 31, 2017 9:39 am

The current version of Flagfox is available on the Mozilla Add-ons page.
New versions are not available for automatic update until after reviewed and approved by a Mozilla Add-ons editor. View the versions list to see past updates.
If Flagfox currently has beta/experimental versions released to the public for testing, the most recent version(s) will be here.

The file sizes listed below are for the unsigned installers. The signature and Mozilla's less-than-ideal compression make the final file size a bit larger. Some release dates differ from the versions download page due to timezone differences.

Below is an up-to-date list of stable version changes:

Version 6.0.1 — January 30, 2018 — 657 KB
* IPv4 & IPv6 address location database updates for January 2018
* Fixed some caching issues causing IPs to be forgotten in a few cases
* Fixed RTL issues in tooltip and implemented proper support in options
* Fixed bugs related to hotclick configuration in the options page
* Worked-around WebExtension API bug that causes some addon options pages to break in private browsing windows
* Various JS and CSS cleanups

Version 6.0.0 — December 31, 2017 — 677 KB
* IPv4 & IPv6 address location database updates for December 2017
* First pure WebExtension API version of Flagfox; Firefox 57+ support added (min is v56; v57+ highly recommended)
* Ported Flagfox options from XUL window to HTML tab (along with all other dialogs), per WebExt requirement
* Improved IPDB to now run in its own dedicated JS Worker thread
* Started using ES6 promises everywhere (some new uses because it's better; many compelled by WebExt API)
* Faster flag icon updates using new WebExt API (pages loaded/cached prior to install/update must be refreshed)
* Added simple indicator icons+tags for HSTS, HTTP/2, and insecure HTTP to flag icon tooltips
* Changed TLD nationality to always show in tooltips for nation-restricted non-ccTLDs (IDN TLDs require Firefox 57+)
* Added Flagfox actions context menus for elements within a page and background tabs (IP-related stuff NYI)
* Improved keyboard support in the options page
* Added domain names of actions (that have a URL) to their tooltips in the options page
* Added options page support for paste to import and cut/copy to clone, via main menu or hotkey (e.g. ctrl+v/c/x)
* Changed options page to autosave actions JSON to storage rather than wait for tab close
* Fixed some bugs with actions import/drag/drop in options under recent versions of Firefox
* Added Linux support for opening actions in a background window (mostly useless, but nonetheless true)
* Implemented custom locale properties file parsing/loading, because screw WebExtension's bloated I18N
* Implemented universal automatic English fallback for locales (Flagfox 5 had some; Flagfox 6 has it for everything)
* Now stripping redundant manual English fallback strings on build, to save a bit of space for install/load
* Added automatic locale file unload after disuse to reduce memory use when no longer needed
* Significantly improved location/host/ip caching (which is now required, due to WebExt APIs)
* Implemented (partial) replacements for various features Mozilla abandoned with the WebExt transition (e.g. eTLD)
* Removed old grey question mark icon; replaced its last remaining use with the already-used globe icon
* Disabled actions that need a content script on protocols and Mozilla domains blocked by the WebExt API
* Added ability to handle default action favicons on non-standard paths; all should show, now (improvement over 5.x)
* Geotool action hotkey changed from Ctrl+Alt+G to Alt+Shift+G due to the very limited WebExtension hotkey API
* New default action hotclicks: "Check Server Status" on double-click and "Google Cache" on triple-click
* Various default action changes:
- Improved Page Metadata JS action to list everything it can find (with improved formatting)
- Netcraft & IntoDNS switched to HTTPS (only URL Parser & Traceroute remain without HTTPS support)
- Dropped Wave A11Y due to various issues, including over-active use throttling
- Dropped obsolete action, as it became a redirect to the main W3C Validator
- Demoted WOT from default menu to options-available, due to excessive popup ads on use (amongst other issues)
- Added: Is It Up? (alternative status checker), Built With, Mozilla Security Observatory, & Video Converter
* Dropped support for all Firefox/Gecko versions 24-55, which includes all versions of SeaMonkey up to current
(SeaMonkey support may be readded when they have a version that supports WebExtensions sufficiently)
(Unfortunately, Firefox 52 ESR support is also not possible, due to unavailable WebExtension API updates)
-> This Flagfox version supports Firefox 56+ (desktop), however some features require Firefox 57+ to work fully
-> Due to bugs in Mozilla's WebExtension API, this support floor will increase further in future 6.x releases

# Known issues that cannot be fixed due to broken/buggy/badly designed and now mandatory-to-use WebExtension APIs:
- Icon is smaller and squarified, per WebExt API's apparent requirements (API not documented properly)
- Icon menu has default toolbar menu items in it, even if N/A; no way to disable; nightly has some fixes
- Icon menu limited to 6 top-level items, per arbitrary WebExt API limitation; others in auto-submenu
- Icon menu item favicons (if enabled) have no default; WebExt API has no way to set a default/onerror
- All menu generation is done more often than prior versions due to primitive WebExt API (no on-showing event)
- Icon tooltip doesn't have columns or text styling, as the WebExt API here is primitive (plain text only)
- Icon middle-click settings no longer work, due to limited WebExt API (existing settings left alone, but hidden)
- Hotkey customization is no longer available, due to very limited WebExt API (no user-set hotkey support, at all)
- The WebExt notifications API outputs to the OS notifications system, which may get truncated text
- There is no way to select "Don't show this again" for notifications (custom buttons not supported in Firefox)
- Firefox wipes WebExtension data on uninstall, without user notification or prompting (affects *ALL* addons!)

# Known issues that will be addressed in future Flagfox updates:
- The new page element action menus do not yet support actions that use IP addresses (implementation TBD)
- All page notifications for TLD/IP country mismatches have been disabled until I can make notifications better
- Options edit action autocomplete and detailed help popup are disabled (cut for time; reimplementation TBD)
- Options page is kinda ugly, due to having to port XUL to HTML and CSS being a horrible monstrosity
- Some RTL locale display issues (nothing drastic, and probably nothing you haven't seen in other software)

# My initial estimate, months ago, would be that updating Flagfox for the now-mandatory WebExtension API required
by Firefox 57+ was that it would take an annoying few dozen hours. Once I started working on it heavily, I realized
that there were way more problems with the API than advertised, and it is fundamentally different and slower to
work with than all prior "legacy" APIs Mozilla has now banned. That dozens of hours estimate quickly became hundreds
of hours... and I eventually realized that was still underestimating things, and that's not even counting the fact
that I unfortunately got rather sick and unable to work on this significantly for a good two weeks. Flagfox is a
one-person hobby-project, and dear lord, this transition damn-near killed me, and it's still only ready a month and
a half after Firefox 57 was released. In any case, it's ready now... now, I can get some sleep.

Version 5.x changelog is available here.



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