Show the flag/location for all requests on the page

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Show the flag/location for all requests on the page

Post by tdulcet » Sun Jul 31, 2022 3:32 pm

Huge thanks to David for creating this wonderful add-on! I have used it for years and it has been very informative.

One feature I have wanted is for it to show the flag/location for all the requests on the page, not just the main/first request. Many modern websites of course connect to a dozen or more different domains (sometimes over a hundred), which can all be hosted on different servers in different locations/countries.

I created a similar add-on called "Server Status" to implement this feature. Like Flagfox, it has a toolbar icon that shows the flag for the country of the server location. However, clicking that icon opens a popup with a requests table that shows the flag for all requests on the page grouped by domain/hostname, instead of just opening an external website. It also shows much more information for each hostname, including the number of connections, the days left until certificate expiration, the SSL/TLS version, the HSTS status, the HTTP status code(s) and the IP addresses.
Popup with Request table
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Here are some of the other notable improvements:
  • It shows the full location (state/providence/region and city), not just the country.
  • The toolbar icon also has a badge which shows the country code.
  • The toolbar icon tooltip shows the full HTTP status line, IP address, server location, certificate issuer and expiration date, SSL/TLS protocol and HSTS status.
  • The IP geolocation database is automatically downloaded and updated directly, without needing to update the entire extension, which allows users to enjoy much faster and more frequent updates and thus more accurate information.
  • It currently supports using eight different IP geolocation databases to lookup the server location, including both country only and full location databases. Users can select the one with the most accuracy for their locations of interest.
  • It defaults to the same MaxMind GeoLite2 database as Flagfox, but it is updated weekly instead of monthly and it is also localized in eight languages.
  • It also shows the location of the SSL/TLS certificate issuer.
  • It does NOT add any context menu items.
  • It uses the native flag emojis on your system to dynamically produce high resolution 128 × 128 icons, instead of using static 16 × 16 images. They should look crisp even on high DPI displays. Firefox provides a fallback emoji font for Windows and older systems that do not support the flag emojis.
  • It only shows a flag when an actual connection was made, so not for cached pages.
  • As with Flagfox, all the information is determined locally in your browser to respect your privacy.
  • The popup can optionally show a link next to each IP address to look it up in Geotool. It can also optionally show a link next to each location to view it in a map.
  • The code is 100% open source. The extension is licensed MPL, while the scripts to update the IP geolocation databases are GPL.
It is currently available for download from AMO: The extension repository is here and the IP geolocation databases repository is here. Feedback is welcome!
Toolbar icon tooltip
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Browser Action Popup
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