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Issues and suggestions for improvement

Post by just_for_issues » Fri May 29, 2020 12:25 am

Hi Dave,

You are listed as the developer of Flagfox extension on Firefox and I love the extension. There are however a few minor issues with the extension, which is a bit surprising since it's listed as a recommended extension and two of the criteria are related to the quality of the extension in terms of its functionality.

1. The header check simply leads to (?)
2. The video converter link directs to a site that has a problem with its certificate, leading Firefox to display a warning and preventing a visit.
3. The traceroute link goes to a site which only uses http and not https. There are other sites which can do the same, and even if there isn't anything particularly private transferred to the site, using http is bad practice, http sites will be blocked by default eventually, etc

Looking forward to your response.



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