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Two critical bugs found in Firefox 71

Posted: Mon Nov 18, 2019 2:59 pm
Using Firefox 71.0b10 (64-bit), I found two critical bugs:

1) After remvong the default shortcut fo the GeoIP Action, clicking the "Save" button won't close the dialog. After attempting to do so, the whole setting UI is flawed. Setting changes are stored but not reflected by the UI. E.g. if I move an action around, it stays in its old place after drop, yet if I reload the settings view, it is in the new location, so the setting was saved, the UI just didn't update to reflect that. Also after reload the removed shortcut is shown, yet when restarting the brwoser, the shortcut reappears which may be related or a bug of its own.

2) When trying to remove a custom action (the red minus button), nothing happens. This time even a page reload doesn't reflect that the action has been removed. When I then restart the browser, all my custom settings are lost and Flagfox is back to default settings as after the first install. Highly annoying!