unmht:// [OBSOLETE]

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unmht:// [OBSOLETE]

Post by Ghut » Thu Jan 01, 2015 7:32 pm

There's an addon for Firefox called UnMHT ( https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/unmht ) which allows you to save and view web pages in the MHT format (MHT offers some advantages over the regular ways Firefox lets you save web pages).
When Firefox opens a MHT file via UnMHT, the URL that appears in the address bar begins with something like "file:///C:/...", but the real address begins with something like "unmht://unmht/file.5/C:/...". I don't know why nor how.
Well, the thing is that, given that it is a local file, Flagfox should show a folder icon; but since the real address is the "unmht://" one, Flagfox shows a exclamation mark in a red circle and hovering over it, it says "Consult error", because it doesn't recognize that protocol.
So I would like Flagfox to fix this issue, and handle the unmht:// protocol like file:/// or however you think it's better.
It may seem I'm asking a strange thing, something like "Who cares about that obscure addon", but it isn't that obscure as one may think. For example, the well-known Greasemonkey addon has an "occult" about:config preference to make files that are viewed under UnMHT's unmht:// protocol greaseable (in the same way that there's a Greasemonkey about:config preference to make local files (file:///) greaseable).