Addition to your "Bug Report Instructions" [FIXED]

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Addition to your "Bug Report Instructions" [FIXED]

Post by NTxLS » Fri Jun 21, 2013 7:57 pm

Greetings from Texas U.S.ofA.,
Do not really know if this caused my issue or not, but; neglected to plugin my power adapter for my laptop and my battery ran down and it shut-off on me rather suddenly.

My email client is not working yet, project being worked, my FF v21.0.x, FlagFox v4.2.10 at time of crash. Could not see any entries for FlgFx all were blank. After reading over your 'Posting Bug Reports Instructions' did not see any suggestion to uninstall and then reinstall a fresh copy, which solved my problem. If you would like to see the bug report that has been saved, just ask & it will be provided.

The issue with my email client is my problem, did not post that to see if you could help. Just to show there was more problems than just FlgFx issue. FlgFx issue is solved.

Like your board, plan on viewing more when time permits. Your method of getting a user involved in doing some pre-troubleshooting is a very good idea and I commend you for handling it as you did. Thank you for being good at what you do and efficient as well.

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Re: Addition to your "Bug Report Instructions"

Post by DaveG » Wed Feb 05, 2014 2:25 am

This was done at some point, by the way.

The current sticky has reinstallation recommended. I even added a suggestion to reinstall Flagfox to the error message dialog a long while back.

I should have replied here to mention that far earlier. Sorry about that. :/