Google integration (2)

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Google integration (2)

Post by eglefino » Fri Feb 01, 2013 3:01 pm

Because I'm disabled (and bedridden) I'm not in a position having a correspondence in a forum or by irc, I have written to the owner of Flagfox (about the Firefox add-on) and got an answer back too. My message had the item "Google integration" in Flagfox
I'm not blocking Google because there is a 'silence' worldwide blocking going of all Google-programs (software & online), my blocking came from before, but the reason is the same.

So at home I had cleaned my 'Firefox version 18' in the "about:config" page from all unasked Google-integrations (I watch several times a month for unasked-integrations), but the last time I thought there was also an Google-integration in the Flagfox add-on, the 'about:config'-page gave my that impression. After my own conclusion of the found integration in Flagfox I deleted the Google integration and deleted also the number from the Google-SSL (https). From all made changes in false or another chosen choices I had also a copy, but during the last restart I got a first error from Firefox because a 'zero' '0' was not possible as number of the Google-SSL and the add-on of Flagfox had sent an automatic error to Firefox because my changes.
After all error alarms I get every restart a error-screen with two choices to skip the error or tell my story here in the forum as bug or not as bug. The given error was not a bug, the given error was because I deleted google-integration from every program.

On the internet we all have problems with advertising from free (???) windows-software which have a lot of unasked software in it (I'm not telling about the 'open source' and even the advertisings of web-links and banners from online websites; website owners and web-masters collect a lot of money because you and me visit their websites. If that was the only problem for a lot of internet-users it is then okay, because that website give them enough free service for it. The most other internet-users don't think like that, because the advertising was made before the given information and those websites are only made to collect fast money. In several browsers you get add-ons to block all those advertisements (web-links, banners) and now there also are browsers and add-on developers who use (p.e. the Google-company) advertising integration because such companies give them a free service.
Per example the Mozilla company have a Google integration so all Firefox-users can visit the internet with SSL (https). In general a advertising company cannot visit my pc/software because of a firewall, it can only come in my computer if the owner of the software/add-on have an integration in it. So I can block what I want.... Google (and the US-intelligences, they working together) can visit my private documents in my computer.

I live my own life and I'm a free person, I live in Europe and I don't like any visits/integration of programs
which I don't like or which want to control me. The internet is a free zone for all people in the world and if there are companies or governments who want to control my computer as private user, then I have the rights (written in laws) to block them or to delete them! As private computer-user I'm even free to choose which software I want to work with. If other internet-users are okay with it, it's their choice.

Anyway the owner of Flagfox told me by e-mail that there was no integration of Google so I can use his add-on as I did before. I wrote also to the Mozilla company but a deleting of Google was not possible....
in my position is that very bad, because I have to stop with the Firefox-software; I use it since the beginning from it was named 'Phoenix'. I have to found out if there is also a Google integration in 'Thunderbird, if so than I can say 'Mozilla' goodbye.

I want the error-screen away after every restart and I want the Flagfox add-on in use, I installed it again but nothing chanced.... So what have I to do?

forgot the console:
FLAGFOX VERSION: 4.2.x (2013-1)

ERROR MESSAGE: Fatal Flagfox startup error!

EXCEPTION THROWN: SyntaxError: JSON.parse: unexpected character


BROWSER: Mozilla Firefox 18.0.1 (Gecko 18.0.1 / 20130117041235)
OS: Linux x86_64 (Linux x86_64-gcc3 gtk2)
LOCALE: nl content / nl UI / nl-nl OS



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Re: Google integration (2)

Post by DaveG » Fri Feb 01, 2013 4:04 pm

If you edit the "flagfox.actions" preference in "about:config" wrong you will break Flagfox. It contains all Flagfox actions in one JSON pref and is not supposed to be user editable. Open "about:config", right-click on the "flagfox.actions" pref and click reset.

All the actions in Flagfox, Google or otherwise, are only used when selected by the user. You can view all available actions by right-clicking on the flag icon and selecting "options". You can uncheck the box for any of them to hide them from the menu, or check others to show them. Regardless of if you use the Google-based actions, they will be listed in "flagfox.actions", but they're just a form of smart bookmarks so there's nothing there that will affect you unless you choose to use them.