Options Import and Export

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Options Import and Export

Post by difabor » Tue Oct 30, 2012 7:17 am

This is an excellent add-on. I can shortcut almost all my most important bookmarks and even more then bookmarks.
But unfortunately I can not port my options to another computer like bookmarks and it is very painful.
It would be great if it'll be possible to export and options for this awesome addon.
Thank you



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Re: Options Import and Export

Post by rleeden » Tue Oct 30, 2012 11:53 am

There is a hidden option in flagfox to use Firefox's built in sync service to copy your options around. I believe it's defaulted to off, so to turn it on go to about:config then toggle services.sync.prefs.sync.flagfox.actions to true. You will need to have sync set-up in Firefox (Tools -> options -> Sync), making sure that you are syncing preferences.

In a previous related post DaveG recommends doing a manual sync to get it to work well. I'm sure DaveG can advise whether this is still the case, but I'm guessing he's a bit busy with Sandy at the moment.

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Re: Options Import and Export

Post by DaveG » Tue Oct 30, 2012 2:49 pm

I haven't tested it recently, but Sync should work just fine to move your actions from one computer to another. I'd still recommend manually syncing the source after you turn it on there, then turning it on for the destination and it should probably sync fine. Support is still considered experimental because the last time I tested it there was the possibility of dataloss by syncing in the other direction by accident.

Your second route would be to open up a text editor and just drag your custom actions into it one at a time. Save the file, then on the destination computer just highlight all of the exported text and drag it all into the Flagfox options dialog and it will all import in. This will only copy the actions themselves and not any other settings, though.

Alternatively, you could just go into your prefs.js file in your Firefox profile, copy out all the lines for the Flagfox prefs and paste them into your destination prefs.js file(s). (with Firefox closed at the time, obviously)

(I got some of the strongest wind gusts I can remember in this area, but other than that and some minor drips I've got no lingering storm problems here. Just barely far enough inland, I guess.)

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