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Request & icons for domain flags + Link to great flags

Posted: Sat May 17, 2008 12:07 pm
by barreem
I just love Flagfox and have two suggestions:

First, the ability to display the flag of the site's domain next to the server location, so you get a quick visual impression of the registration location next to the location of it's server.
To encourage you to do that, I include the additional icons needed, which I made to fit your flags! those are aero, biz, com, edu, gov, info, mil, museum, name, net and org. I'm also at your disposal for changes if you decide to make this addition, at

Second, I ran into a very pretty free flags icons that are 16x22 pixels in size - exactly the standard height of the statusbar icons! Maybe you'll consider using them? They are contained in a 24x24 icons but can easily be extracted and are really great:

Thanks for your nifty extension!

Re: Request & icons for domain flags + Link to great flags

Posted: Sat May 17, 2008 5:49 pm
by DaveG
I don't quite understand the point here. Why would I need to show an icon for the TLD? I think actually reading the domain from the address bar is fine for that, not to mention that there are hundreds of TLDs, with no complete standard, and waaaaayyyy too many to have icons for. Of course this doesn't even take into account that no one follows the incomplete standards, at that. Everyone has a dot com, even if they're non-commercial. Hell, we're on a dot com right now. :)

With regard to the other flags, yes, I already know about them. In fact, I think there's a few mixed in already to fill in a missing flag or two. (honestly, I forget off the top of my head)

Re: Request & icons for domain flags + Link to great flags

Posted: Sat May 17, 2008 7:51 pm
by barreem
My thought is that as there are so many and their meaning is not trivial, it would be nice to see them in an intuitive way, as flags with name tooltip. I mean, who can tell by looking that .tf for example is French Southern and Antarctic Lands? Myself, I also don't discriminate the TLD in a long URL at first glance...

To that point: maybe Flagfox can be more specific in the locations inside the US, so to include the states (and even towns) in its tooltip or flag display, without clicking its options to find out?

I'll be most grateful for any information regarding those flags you'll be able to remember when you got the time...

Thanks for replying!