Where are the flags from? - need ones for our extension too

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Where are the flags from? - need ones for our extension too

Post by ThomasLandauer » Mon Mar 17, 2008 1:02 am

Hi Dave,

in your about box you say that your two flag sets are from flags.blogpotato.de and famfamfam.com. I've downloaded them both, but they're not the same files as in your extension. Did you refine them?
Reason for my asking: We're looking for a flag set for our own project: http://www.standard-sitemap.org/




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Re: Where are the flags from? - need ones for our extension too

Post by DaveG » Tue Mar 18, 2008 7:34 am

Yes, but not drastically. The famfamfam.com set is resized slightly to 18x12 pixels to match the flags.blogpotato.de set, and everything is downsampled to 4-bit color depth to reduce file size. (16 colors; with tiny images like these, it's not really noticeable and it makes a significant drop in XPI size; this may or may not be an issue for you) Some flags are intentional duplicates; some smaller nations lack a flag in one or the other set and simply get a general flag, usually based on their (former) colonial power. (not sure how much was added by one of us) This sounds wasteful, but once compressed into the JAR/XPI structure, there's no real net gain. I also manually edited the Bulgarian flag to bring it up to date, as per here. (I don't know how up to date what's listed on famfamfam is, but he sends us updated flags from his set from time to time) I think some of the original versions may have also have some comments embedded in the files, which I stripped. There were also 3 or so flags from another public set, and I think there may even be more tweaks in there for some older flags. I'm undoubtedly missing something; I don't really have a list of changes from what's on their respective sites.

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