error message shows up: IPDB file not found

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Re: error message shows up: IPDB file not found

Post by DaveG » Fri Feb 12, 2010 2:19 am

Bug reporting point number zero: update. You're running a 5 month old version of Flagfox on a 5 month old version of Firefox. Update them both. There's probably nothing in a new version that would fix the error, though the update itself may fix the issue (read below).

As to the error itself, it's not Flagfox's fault. For some unknown reason, you're missing a very important Flagfox file that came in its installer. I see 3 possibilities here:
  1. Firefox botched the installation at some point. (Firefox does addon installations, not the addon)
  2. You have some kind of poorly written piece of software installed which deleted this file. (system cleaner, anti-virus, etc.)
  3. Your hard drive is corrupted in some way and the file was lost. (worst-case scenario; running a disk check is always a good idea)
If you can shed some light on what caused this file to go missing, that would be great. My best guess would be #2, by way of a poorly written anti-virus and a false-positive, maybe. In any case, you need to re-install Flagfox.

Please reply back to tell me your results.



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