Needed flag icon updates, one country name update

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Needed flag icon updates, one country name update

Post by HapHaxion » Thu Mar 02, 2023 6:14 pm

After going through a few of the flag files under the two-letter codes used by Flagfox (and by default also those used in the search bar), I noticed that some flags did not appear to correctly reflect those used by the entities represented. As such, I would suggest the following changes (alongside the reason for said changes in parentheses):
[*] Add the flag for Ascension Island under the two-letter code AC (There is currently no flag file listed under its two-letter code. You can find an image of the flag here with PNG versions listed under it)
[*] Change the flag for Martinique (a new flag, which can be seen here, was adopted on 3 February 2023 by the local legislature. The snake flag, which is the current flag used for Martinique/MQ on Flagfox, currently sees essentially no local use)
[*] Change the flag for Antarctica (the current flag listed is based on an emoji, and as such is likely not the most authoritative source to obtain a flag representing an area. I'd suggest an update either to the flag of the Antarctic Treaty System, which can be seen here, or to the True South Flag, which can be seen here, and which has been adopted by some National Antarctic Programs, Antarctic nonprofits, expedition teams, and is flown at several research stations across Antarctica as well as being used in the 2022 marker for the geographic South Pole)
[*] Update the flags of Christmas Island, South Korea, Honduras, and Spain (all of these have incorrect color shades used, the most obvious of which is the one for Honduras, which was officially changed in 2022 from the prior dark blue to a light blue)

Additionally, the name "Macedonia" in Geotool and elsewhere should be updated to adhere to the country's official name change to "North Macedonia" in 2019 per the Prespa Agreement.
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Re: Needed flag icon updates, one country name update

Post by ThessalyVlachia » Thu Mar 09, 2023 9:01 pm

Is the source code availble for this extension? Does it have an online code repository? This does not seem had to do.

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